All textbooks are 100% guaranteed.

Return any of the textbooks purchased from us for any reason within 14 days of receiving them and we will refund the purchase price.

Log in to your Bookbyte account and locate the book you wish to return. Click the red “Return This Book” button. Then select a reason for your return to see if you qualify for a pre-paid shipping label (all customers who wish to return a book, due to an error on our part, are eligible for a prepaid shipping label). If you’re not eligible for a pre-paid label, a flat shipping fee of $5.95, per book, will be deducted from your total refund amount.

  1. Print the shipping label we provide. (Important: If you do not use the provided shipping label, your package may fail to deliver or may be subject to a 6 week delay in processing.)
  2. Place your book in any box.
  3. Shipping label goes on the box. (The provided shipping label cannot be used to send more than one book.*)
  4. Ship from home, or the post office. (Dropboxes are not permitted.)
  5. Wait to hear from us. We’ll send you a confirmation email after we’ve received your textbooks and issued the refund.

*The shipping label we provide only covers the cost to ship one book. If you are returning multiple books, you will need to go through the return process, within your account, and print a shipping label for  each book that will then be shipped separately.