If Bookbyte hasn't received a rented book 20 days after its due date or any word from you, we will consider that book unreturned. At this point, we will charge the credit card used for the original transaction the cost of buying that book plus an additional $10 default fee.

If you returned your rental and still receive a notification that Bookbyte has not received it, there are a few possible explanations:

  • We have the book and are currently processing it. Don’t panic, this can take a day or two.
  • Did you ship the books using one of the labels we provide? (These can be downloaded and printed from the My Account page.) If you used another type of label, it is possible the order was processed as a sale instead of a returned rental.
  • Did you drop the returned books into an Express Drop Box or self-serve kiosk? These do not support the shipping method used by our labels. Remember, you can drop off the package in your mailbox, or take it to the nearest USPS.

If you think you have received an outstanding rental notice in error, please contact us via email or submit a ticket through our Portal.