Here’s a short list of the types of books we accept:

  • Textbooks
  • Laboratory manuals
  • Study guides
  • Student solutions manuals
  • Working papers
  • Annotated instructor's editions
  • Instructor's editions
  • Free/complimentary copies
  • Loose-leaf editions
  • International editions

For laboratory manuals and study guides, please note that these will only be accepted if there is little to no writing and all pages are intact.

Instructor’s editions, annotated instructor’s editions, and free/complimentary copies contain multiple ISBNs. Be sure to double-check on the book's title page that you have entered the correct ISBN to receive an accurate quote.

If you’re ever uncertain if we are purchasing a book, simply enter the ISBN into the “Sell Textbooks” box on our homepage to receive an up-to-date quote. The quote you receive is secured for 30 days after you submit your order.